Alphabetical Listing of Books on Urban History

A City in the Republic: The Origins of Machine Politics in Antebellum New York by Bridges, Amy
A Consumer’s Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America by Cohen, Lizabeth
A Pickpocket's Tale by Gilfoyle, Timothy
A Shopkeeper’s Millennium: Society and Revivals in Rochester, New York, 1815-1837 by Johnson, Paul
A Social History of Economic Decline by Cumbler, John
"American Historians and the Study of Urbanization" in AHR 67 (1961) 49-61 by Lampard, Eric
Atlantic Crossings: Social Politics in a Progressive Era by Rodgers, Daniel
Boss Tweed’s New York by Mandelbaum, Seymour
Bread & Roses:Mills,Migrants,and the Struggle for the American Dream by Watson, Bruce
Brownsville, Brooklyn: Blacks, Jews, and the Changing Face of the Ghetto by Pritchett, Wendell
Building Gotham: Civic Culture and Public Policy in New York City, 1898- 1937 by Revell, Keith
Building Little Italy: Philadelphia’s Italians Before Mass Migration by Juliani, Richard
Chant's Democratic by Wilentz, Sean
Cheap Amusements by Peiss, Kathy
City of Eros: New York City, Prostitution and the Commercialization of Sex, 1790-1920 by Gilfoyle, Timothy
City of Women,Sex and Class in New York, 1789-1860 by Stansell, Christine
Confidence Men and Painted Women: a Study of Middle ClassCulture in America, 1830-1870 by Halttunen, Karen
Crabgrass Frontier by Jackson, Kenneth
Cradle of the Middle Class by Ryan, Mary
Downtown: Its Rise and Fall, 1880-1950 by Fogelson, Robert
Eight Hours for What We Will: Workers & Leisure in an Industrial City, 1870-1920 by Rosenzweig, Roy
Five Points by Anbinder, Tyler
From Sicily to Elizabeth Street: Housing and Social Change Among Italian Immigrants, 1880-1930 by Gabaccia, Donna
Industrializing America: The Nineteenth Century by Licht, Walter
"Urban History: Retrospect and Prospect" in JAH 68 (1981) 69-84 by Ebner, Michael
JUH 22 (1996) 702-719 by Tilly, Charles
JUH, 1994, 21(1): 7-30 by Blumin, Stuart
Like a Family: The Making of a Southern Cotton Mill World by Hall, et al,
Lives on Their Own: Blacks, Italians and Poles in Pittsburgh, 1900-1960 by Bodner, Simon & Weber, John, Roger & Michael
Making a New Deal by Cohen, Lizabeth
Making the Second Ghetto: Race and Housing in Chicago 1940-1960 by Hirsch, Arnold
MyTest by Remling, Jeff
Nature’s Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West by Cronon, William
New Metropolis,New York City, 1840-1857 by Spann, Edward
New York by Gas-Light by Foster, George
Parades and Power: Street Theatre in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia by Davis, Susan
Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in the Twentieth Century by Wiese, Andrew
"Reconsidering the Suburbs: An Exploration of Suburban Historiography" in PMHB 119 (1988) 579-608 by Marsh, Margaret
Power and Society: Greater New York at the Turn of the Century by Hammack, David
Pullman by Buder, Stanley
Rereading Sex by Horowitz, Helen
Ruling America: A History of Wealth and Power in America by Fraser & Gerstle,
Seizing the New Day by Jenkins, Wilbert
Soul by Soul by Johson, Walter
Streets, Railroads, and the Great Strike of 1877 by Stowell, David
Struggles for Justice: Social Responsibility and the Liberal State by Dawley, Alan
Suburban Lives by Marsh, Margaret
The Age of the Bachelor by Chudacoff, Howard
The Cholera Years by Rosenberg, Charles
The Creative Destruction of Manhattan,1900-1940 by Page, Max
The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jacobs, Jane
The Emergence 0f the Middle Class by Blumin, Stuart
The Flash Press by Cohen, Gilfoyle, Horowitz,
The Making of a Ghetto, Negro New York, 1890-1930 by Osofsky, Gilbert
The Murder of Helen Jewett by Cline-Cohen, Patricia
The New York City Draft Riots by Bernstein, Iver
The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Post-war Detroit by Sugrue, Thomas
The Park and the People: A History of Central Park by Rosenzweig & Blackmar, Roy & Elizabeth
The Populist Vision by Postel, Charles
The Rise of Big Business, 1860-1920 by Porter, Glenn
The Rise of Modern City Culture in 19th Century America by Barth, Gunther
The Sanitary City: Environmental Services in Urban America from Colonial Times to the Present by Melosi, Martin
The Unheralded Triumph: City Government in America, 1870-1900 by Teaford, John
The Urban Villagers: Group and Class in the Life of Italian-Americans by Gans, Herbert
Voices of Protest: Huey Long, Father Coughlin and the Great Depression by Brinkley, Alan
We All Got History by Salvatore, Nick
Wobblies on the Waterfront: Interracial Unionism in Progressive-Era Philadelphia by Cole, Peter
Workingmen's Democracy by Fink, Leon